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Volunteer Responsibilities and Expectations

volunteer responsibilities and expectations

School volunteers are an important part of the educational team and can make a significant difference in the lives of students. The purpose of this policy is to give volunteers a guideline of responsibilities and expectations.

Responsibilities & Expectations

1. Volunteers shall perform volunteer services under the supervision of an assigned NUAMES employee and shall have the approval of the school administration to perform such volunteer services.

2. Volunteers are expected to follow the direction of the NUAMES employee to whom they have been assigned and to conform to all applicable rules and policies.

3. In the course of volunteering for NUAMES, volunteers may be asked to deal with confidential information. It is the expectation of NUAMES that volunteers shall keep said information in the strictest confidence.

4. In accordance with the above policy regarding Employee and Volunteer Background Checks, volunteers who will be given significant unsupervised access to a student in connection with their volunteer assignment shall submit to a criminal background check as a condition of appointment.

5. Volunteers must maintain strict neutrality regarding religion while performing volunteer services for a school.

6. Failure to follow the direction of a supervisor, or to follow applicable laws, rules, and policies may give rise to terminating the volunteer from service.

7. Serving as a volunteer at NUAMES is not an entitlement and NUAMES is not required to utilize volunteer services. The opportunity to volunteer may be denied or terminated by school administration where services are no longer needed or where the presence of the volunteer may be disruptive to the educational environment.

Immunity from Liability and Worker's Compensation

1. Volunteers performing volunteer services under the general supervision of a NUAMES employee with respect to any decisions or actions, other than in connection with the operation of a motor vehicle, taken during the course of those services, unless it is established that such decisions were grossly negligent, not made in good faith, or were made maliciously.

2. A volunteer is considered a government employee for purposes of receiving workers'™ compensation medical benefits, which shall be the exclusive remedy for all injuries and occupational diseases as provided by law.


• Utah Code Ann. Title 63G Chapter 8-Immunity for persons performing volunteer services

• Utah Code Ann. 67-20 et seq- Volunteer Government Workers Act

• Utah Administrative Code R37-1-Risk Management

Volunteer Background Check

Adopted September 4, 2008


To protect the safety, health, and security of NUAMES students, employees and property.

Criminal Background Checks

In order to protect the safety, health and security of NUAMES students, employees and property, NUAMES shall require a potential employee or volunteer who will be given significant unsupervised access to a student in connection with the volunteers' assignment to submit to a criminal background check as a condition of employment or appointment. In addition, where reasonable cause exists, NUAMES may require an existing employee or volunteer to submit to a criminal background check.

Conducting the Background Check

1. The applicant, volunteer or employee shall receive written notice that the background check has been requested.

2. The applicant, volunteer, or employees shall be required to sign the release form enabling NUAMES to perform the background check. If they decline the release form, they will not be considered for employment. Current employees who decline to sign the release form will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from employment.

3. The background check will include, but is not be limited to, a fingerprint check conducted by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification.

Payment for Background Check

1. Applicants for employment, including substitutes, shall be required to pay the designated costs of background checks subject to the provisions of the Utah Code Ann. 53A-3-410(6)(b).

Opportunity to Respond to Background Check

1. If a person is denied employment or is dismissed from employment because of information obtained through a criminal background check, the person shall receive written notice of the reasons for denial or dismissal and shall have an opportunity to respond to the reasons.


Information obtained under this policy is confidential and may only be disclosed as provided in Utah Code Ann. 53A-3-410


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