An early college high school working in partnership with WSU.

Important Reasons to Consider NUAMES

1. NUAMES, academically, is one of the highest performing school in the State of Utah

  • Ranked #1 out of 143 High Schools in the Utah Accountability System
  • Ranked in the nations' top high schools by US News and World Report
  • 46% of all NUAMES students met all four benchmarks for college readiness (state average is 23% and national average is 21%)
  • NUAMES student average ACT scores for 2020 was a 25.8 (state average is 20.3 and national average is 20.6)

2. NUAMES is a state funded public charter school

  • Tuition free public school that has a similar fee schedule to traditional high schools
  • Open house dates and times will be announced on our Application page

3. NUAMES provides a small school environment

  • Average class sizes of 23 students per class this year
  • Highly qualified and supportive teachers, administration and staff
  • Safe, inclusive and student centered environment

4. NUAMES is located on the Main Weber State University Campus in Ogden and Davis Campus of Weber State University in Layton

  • This allows us to have a very close and unique relationship with Weber State University
  • This further enhances the university environment

5. NUAMES provides opportunities that are unique

  • University partnership with Weber State University
  • 91% of last year's sophomores earned university credit
  • Nearly all of our students earn some university credit
  • 50% of our seniors earned an Associate's Degree last year tuition free
  • 82% of NUAMES seniors received post high school scholarships totaling $3.469 million
  • ACT preparation course available
  • One of the largest high school engineering programs in the State of Utah - We offer Advanced Placement, Concurrent Enrollment and early College classes to our students

6. NUAMES provides a UTA Bus and Frontrunner pass to our students